Laurent-Perrier Confirmed as Exclusive Champagne Partner

Laurent Perrier Champagne Partner

Concours of Elegance Germany is delighted to welcome Laurent-Perrier as official Champagne partner. As Germany’s first truly international concours of elegance and a premier social calendar event at Bavaria’s stunning Lake Tegernsee Alpine community, the quality and provenance of the event’s hospitality is paramount, in particular the choice of Champagne partner.

The success story of Laurent-Perrier began in 1812 in a picturesque village in Champagne. Initially, it was a small, somewhat unknown champagne maker, but the passion, courage for creativity, and an independent spirit allowed Laurent-Perrier to grow into one of the most significant champagne brands.

As the largest family-owned champagne house, Laurent-Perrier follows a clear philosophy which is all about ‘the passion for the human touch’. As a result of this drive for quality and the all-important human touch, each bubble in the glass aims to transport to a world of elegance, purity, and freshness – much like banks of Lake Tegernsee and the Concours of Elegance gathering which takes place from 26-27 July.

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