Remarkable Porsche 911 S Confirmed for Ladies Concours

Porsche 911 S

The Ladies Concours has added another jewel to its crown with the confirmed participation of a storied Porsche 911 S. Hailing from a lineage steeped in history and meticulously preserved, this vintage beauty promises to captivate enthusiasts at the event on July 27th. 

Originally exported to California, USA, in 1968, this short wheelbase Porsche 911 S served as a daily driver until 1998 under the care of its original owner. Following its tenure on the streets of California, it found its way to European Collectibles, where a comprehensive restoration breathed new life into its timeless design.

Following its restoration, the 911 S found its way to a discerning collector in Toronto, Canada. It made an appearance at the prestigious Concours of Elegance 2010 in San Francisco, where it clinched a coveted first place in the 1965-1970 sports car class.

In 2012, the Porsche embarked on a new chapter under the ownership of its current custodian in Munich, Germany. Since then, it has graced various classic car events, including the esteemed Ennstal-Classic and Cento Ore.