1928 Cadillac Sports Phaeton Confirmed for Concours of Elegance Germany

Cadillac credit Isochem Kautschuk GmbH

The prestigious Concours of Elegance Germany, set to take place at Gut Kaltenbrunn on Lake Tegernsee from July 26-27, 2024, has confirmed participation of a true automotive gem: the 1928 Cadillac Sports Phaeton by Fisher.

Representing one of the most outstanding open-top cars of the classic era, the Cadillac Sports Phaeton embodies automotive luxury and craftsmanship. Designed under the visionary leadership of GM designer Harley J. Earl, this Cadillac exemplifies the dramatic influence of Earl’s innovative designs, setting new standards for in-house vehicle design.

Cadillac credit Isochem Kautschuk GmbH

Powered by a robust 90-horsepower, 341-cubic-inch V8 engine paired with a three-speed manual transmission, the 1928 Cadillac is testament to automotive engineering excellence. Its Fisher custom body, meticulously preserved in almost original condition, features hand-painted fine lines and monograms, with the lacquer paint exhibiting characteristic cracks that are indicative of its age.

Notable for its rarity and authenticity, this Cadillac Sports Phaeton boasts original technical and external components, including the super-rare pilot-ray lamps, mirrors, badges, and emblems. Its presence at the Concours of Elegance Germany offers attendees a rare opportunity to admire a true automotive masterpiece.

Tickets to the Concours of Elegance Germany are available now from https://concoursofelegancegermany.com/tickets/ 

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