Pianella’s Named Ladies Concours Partner

Pianellas Named Ladies Concours Partner

Concours of Elegance Germany is thrilled to announce its partnership with Pianella’s, a luxury brand known for its exquisite pilates and exercise mats. As the official Ladies Corner Partner, Pianella’s will take center stage in the Ladies Corner section, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to the prestigious gathering.

Founded by Bianca Lienau, Pianella’s has quickly established itself as a beacon of luxury and artistry. Lienau, a graduate of Christie’s Education in Art and Business and a former coordinator and manager at Christie’s International Real Estate, has imbued her brand with a unique blend of contemporary art influences and classic elegance.

The mats are a testament to the sophisticated styles of London and New York and tell a story of devotion and enchantment inspired by great love. Lienau’s extensive training in luxury goods production processes ensures that each mat from Pianella’s meets the highest standards of quality, sustainability, and craftsmanship.